A Warning after Installation

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A Warning after Installation

Post by CLA123 » 10 May 2012, 21:43


I get 2 lines of the following warning after the installation of the component.

Warning: mysql_num_rows() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /home/asia/public_html/libraries/joomla/database/database/mysql.php on line 344

I'm not sure what it means. I had a look in the file, mysql.php line 344, it's said:

return mysql_num_rows( $cur ? $cur : $this->_cursor );

I'm wondering if you know what it means and how I can fix it.

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Re: A Warning after Installation

Post by Jan » 16 May 2012, 14:49

Hi, enable debug mode to get info from database.
https://www.phoca.cz/documents/16-joomla ... ent-errors

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