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Phoca SEF and SEO

Posted: 13 Jun 2011, 08:09
by remus24
First off all I want to say that this may be the best joomla extension on his category. Very simple to use and very useful.
Now I want to ask you if Phoca SEF is using javascript for redirection. From what I've heard for SEO this is very bad. Can you tell me if this extension will affect in anyway Google results, PR etc. ?
Thanks in advance!


Re: Phoca SEF and SEO

Posted: 15 Jun 2011, 14:47
by Jan
Hi, yes, every redirect is not good for the SEO (at least it confuse the users so this is not good for SEO)

In Phoca SEF you can see the count of not correctly displayed links, so you then need to decide, which link to redirect.

If there are 5 instances of one site, it does not make sense to redirect it, the time will solve it, if there are thousands, yes, it is good to redirect - but needs to be allways checked - redirect should not be a long time solution. The best way (not allways possible) to see from where (can be recognized in Phoca SEF) the users are comming and if you are able to correct the link.

Phoca SEF uses the header for redirecting:

Code: Select all

// Use the link to redirect
							header("HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently");
							header("Location: ".$url);
							header("Connection: close");
which can be called "SEO friendly" as it informs the bot e.g. about the redirection status - HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently


Re: Phoca SEF and SEO

Posted: 15 Jun 2011, 14:56
by remus24
I've asked you because initially I've had a menu (with links obviously) and I've decided to change it. Now it's more complex and the links are changed. The search engines have my old links so that's why I needed redirection. (the domain it's the same)