Perfect SEF Component

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Perfect SEF Component

Post by travelbay » 09 Feb 2011, 23:55

Hi Guys,

I have tried to post this review on but could not even found the login area there so I decided to post it here, by the way I am the guy who just make a small donation for the removal of the 'Powered by Phoca Download' :oops:

We are working on our community website for about 4 months now and it is only today that we have launched the beta version of the website to finalize all bugs (if any - hope not that much).

During the last 3 weeks, we have tried mostly all SEF components like sh404sef, artio, joomseo and all the others, we have jomsocial installed on our community website, enabling the default joomla sef from the global configuration makes some part of jomsocial not working property and also some other components/modules like Hotel Guide and Golf Guide not working properly and even many 404 page error.

As a last try before living the links as index.php... we found Phoca SEF while downloading Phoca Download from your website, we decided to give it a last try, :twisted: what a surprise when we complete the installation, mostly all links were SEF and no error from all components and modules, everything was working perfectly!

I don't know why you don't call it a SEF component and why it is not in the proposed list of SEF extensions in joomla but it should, it is far better and very simple installation than all those over-priced component and more important, you are giving it for free!!!

This is not a spam but I am a real person, I am the CEO of my company and participate very much in the daily development and I will definitely make some good advertising for your products guys, continue the good work and all the best.

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Re: Perfect SEF Component

Post by Jan » 12 Feb 2011, 19:10

I don't know why you don't call it a SEF component and why it is not in the proposed list of SEF extensions
Hi, mostly the SEF means in Joomla! world nice URLs and the Phoca SEF main feature is redirect obsolete pages which end with 404 error.

If you find Phoca extensions useful, please support the project

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