User group permissions per category

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User group permissions per category

Post by alve89 » 07 Dec 2021, 14:27

Hi guys,

are there plans to implement a non-proprietary ACL to Phoca Downloads? Now you can only set rights to specific people, not user groups.

In other components (e. g. com_content, com_jevents) categories support Joomla ACL. This means that the content of a specific category C can only be changed (new downloads, editing downloads, ...) by specific user groups.

That would be a great - and actually expected - feature.


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Re: User group permissions per category

Post by Jan » 14 Dec 2021, 00:06

Hi, see similar posts in this forum, there were two possible ways - to have rights for groups or users and most of users preffered user based ACL so this is why the user based ACL is used in Phoca Download (as for most users whe their users upload files in frontend they are handled not be groups but each user) :idea:

So, this is in feature request list but has not high priority :-(

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