Errros when copying site to new domain

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Errros when copying site to new domain

Post by ukfish1 » 08 Feb 2021, 17:27


I am in the process of copying over a wbeiste from a live joomla 2,5 to a tgest joomal 3 domain.

I have used a jomla migartion component and have updated Phoca Download to the latest version compataible with Joomla 3 but I am getting the following error when I try to acces the categories page:

Table 'afin2_new21.#__phocadownload_styles' doesn't exist

All is good in the backend but not working on front end.

Thanks, Paul

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Re: Errros when copying site to new domain

Post by Jan » 08 Feb 2021, 19:18

Hi, it just says that the table phocadownload_styles does not exist, so it needs to be created manually (you can find the necessary SQL queries in: administrator\components\com_phocadownload\install\sql\mysql\install.utf8.sql

Try to see: ... o-joomla-3

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