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Count Subcategories

Post by iLem0n » 03 Dec 2020, 00:32


i was wondering if it is possible to show the subcategorie count?

The scenario:
i have a category, lets call ist "parent" and under the "parent" we have several subcategories
If i create a categories view on the categorie above "parent" there is the folder for the parent categorie but the count is zero since all documents resides in the children cateories.

How it is possible to display the number of subcategories instead of the number of files which are directly under "parent"?

Thank for your help

Regards Peter

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Re: Count Subcategories

Post by Jan » 03 Dec 2020, 13:37

Hi, in categories view, there is a count of subcategories and files:


In category view, there is acount of files for each subcategory:


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