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Displaying Category View in Categories View as List

Posted: 15 Aug 2019, 18:52
by ripley
Hi, I've been looking at the php files and I was wondering if I would be able to display all of the information as it is shown in the category view - category names, all files and their download buttons in the categories view. When I create subcategories, the categories view displays only the folders of the subcategories. Instead, I want to show all of the information from the subcategories on the same page. For example shown in the categories view:

Category view (category 1)
Category view (category 2)
Category view (category 3)

It would make it a one page list on the main parent category page not just category subfolders to click on.

Re: Displaying Category View in Categories View as List

Posted: 18 Aug 2019, 12:08
by Jan
Hi, see simlar posts in this forum, there is no such option yes, as it can be very problematic when loading all categories/subcategories and all their files on one place (the website can be overloaded), so this needs to be customized directly in the code with regard on server settings :idea:(so in fact there must be loaded "category" information inside the loop of categories or subcategories :idea: )