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Download a folder

Post by ilanv » 05 Mar 2013, 21:55

I have install the phoca download component on my Joomla web site.
I would like each category corresponds to a folder on my server. By clicking on a category, you could view or download the entire contents of the linked folder.
So when I update a file, I'll just send it via FTP on my server to the desired location and it would appear in the corresponding category.
Is this possible?
Thanks you for help.

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Re: Download a folder

Post by Jan » 06 Mar 2013, 20:12

Hi, for now there is no such option, you allways need to click on multiple add to add new files to your system, let's say:

you will create folder "Folder" and there you will upload files:

if you click on Multiple Add, new Category "Folder" will be created and new files will be added to system (,

if you upload e.g. folder and then you click on "Folder" and Multiple Add button then the will be added to system (, which are included in the folder will be ignored as they are already stored in the system)

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