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Post by mar » 05 Nov 2017, 15:52

First i love this component, in fact i love all your components, , only ting i really misst is a download containing all latest modules and plugins in one download, makes keeping up to date so much easier
to my question
I need to find a way for users to be able to comment on articles , Note, not Facebook comments, or any social media comment system something that makes the comments kinda like a forum reply,
is that possible if no do anyone know about a comment app that works good with phoca documents

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Re: Commenting

Post by Jan » 05 Nov 2017, 21:26

1) yes, unfortunately making different packages takes a lot of time which for now I don't have (as the priority is always that the extension should work with latest Joomla!, PHP, SQL, etc. and these are chaning very often :-( )

2) comments - there is no Phoca commenting system but you can use any Joomla! component you need for this purpose - for example JComments, etc. :idea:

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