New Category not showing articles

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New Category not showing articles

Post by clingc » 10 Mar 2015, 22:05


I took over a site from someone else. They used Phoca Documentation. I needed to add a new category and menu link so this is what I did:

1) Created a new subcategory that matches the previous subcategories
-| Parent
--|Pre-existing category
--|My new category

2) I added two articles to that category

3) I created a menu item using the menu type "Phoca Documentation » List of Articles in Category".

The problem is when I then try and go to that page, nothing shows up! Not even the page title? :x If I change the menu type to something else such as just a plain "Category List", then it will show my articles correctly.

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Re: New Category not showing articles

Post by Jan » 13 Mar 2015, 23:20

Hi, can I see the page where this occurs? When you enable php error reporting and debug mode, do you get any error there? ... rs-on-site
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