SEF url solutions?

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SEF url solutions?

Post by stixx » 20 Sep 2013, 20:19


Looking at the forum it seems there is no proper solutions for SEF url for this great extensions?

for sh404sef what do you recomend ? Bypass sh404sef n use joomla router?

I'm sure there is sh404sef plugin for phoca download somewhere ?

For my case , creating a menu to all cat view output this format : localhost/dev/2013-08-04-11-19-19/downloads

How do i remove the numbers ? i assume to create joomla hidden menu but that solve that menu only. subsequent we will stil have url such as

localhost/dev/2013-08-04-11-19-19/downloads/category/9 etc



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Re: SEF url solutions?

Post by Jan » 21 Sep 2013, 00:18

Hi, Phoca Download like any other extension in Joomla! does not manage links, they are managed by Joomla! JRoute method - in case core SEF is used, then Joomla! translates the links - just see your aliases (this seems like the number alias is stored as alias in your menu link - this has nothing to do with the component, just see the menu link and try to correct the alias)

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