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conflicts between phocas products...

Posted: 28 Apr 2011, 15:27
by ptux
hi there,

i'm experiencing difficults installing phocagallery and phocadownload on the same site... in fact, it seems they conflicts!!

if i install one of them as 1st, the second one has problems. The error message i receive is: "there are errors in the administratives menus" (i don't know the exact message in english, however this is the meaning).

The result of this error is that in the "components" menu list it appear only the 1st installed component and not the other that results not reacheble.

How can i fix it?

thanks for attention.

Re: conflicts between phocas products...

Posted: 30 Apr 2011, 23:20
by Jan
Hi, there is some problem with creating admin menus in Joomla! (as I read on Akeba forum, it is really complicated - e.g. updated Joomla! has other behaviour as fresh installed Joomla! :-( :-( )

Maybe this is related to this problem, but for now, this needs to be solved in Joomla! as Joomla! installs the components. :( :idea: