navigation in shadowbox mode?

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navigation in shadowbox mode?

Post by dana9marie » 27 Dec 2008, 00:47

I notice that there are no navigation options when using the shadowbox when your count is set to 1. This means that the only way to show the navigation arrows is to have more than 1 thumbnail showing in the module position. Is there a way to show the navigation arrows when your count is set to 1? Perhaps there is a fix in the code that I could put somewhere? Any ideas? The shadow box is the only one that displays correctly for me (aside from the standard box, but that one is not very attractive), so this is very important to me to be able to do. Thanks so much.


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Re: navigation in shadowbox mode?

Post by Jan » 27 Dec 2008, 18:21

Hi, Shadowbox method only displays images which are currently displayed on the site as thumbnails, so if there is only one image in module, it only display one image (so there are no arrows to other images)... this way the:
- shadowbox
- modalbox (image only)
- highslide js (image only) work (these javascripts work only with images displayed on the site at the same moment)

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