New Feedback page - please post feature requests there

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New Feedback page - please post feature requests there

Post by caro84g » 16 Feb 2009, 14:49

Hi everyone,

Some feature requests are coming along in the forums and there is not really one point to list them, so it's kinda hard to keep track of this. To do this a new 'feedback page' has been opened, using Uservoice. On uservoice you can post your idea / feature request and assign votes to it. Other people can also vote your ideas and so can Jan determine which ideas are popular and which aren't.

This means that all feature requests in the forums are going to be ignored! If you have a feature request post it in the right feedback forum.

Feedback for Phoca Guestbook:

If you already posted a feature request in the Phoca Forums, the smartest thing to do it to post it again in the feedback page.

If you have feature requests for the Phoca Guestbook extensions other than the component, please mention the name of this extension in the 'idea title'

Thanks in advance,

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