Phoca Gallery too slow

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Phoca Gallery too slow

Post by walturbo » 02 Apr 2021, 13:39

Hello everyone!
I run a Joomla! Website with Phoca Gallery installed. In the last year I have created around 10,000 albums which in total contain around 1,400,000 photos. Every year that passes I need to create about 4,000 new albums with at least 50,000 new photos. I know it sounds absurd but it is so!

Initially everything was fine, fast and smooth, unfortunately for a while the site has slowed down a lot, frontend and backend. The database is very heavy, almost 800MB. The desire to look at the photos really passes by now, each page of the album contains less than 50 photos, all with a maximum width of 400px and low quality (we're talking about a few kb). Backend uploading of photos has become stressful, it takes an hour to batch upload 1000 files and it gets worse and worse.

I wonder if someone is in the same condition as me and can share this experience with me, maybe tell me how he solved it or give me advice!

These are the characteristics:

Joomla! v3.9.25
Phoca Gallery 4.4.2
PHP 7.4.10
MySQL 5.7.32-35-log

Thank you and good day!

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Re: Phoca Gallery too slow

Post by christine » 02 Apr 2021, 14:25

Hi Walter,

Puhhh, it's difficult with so many images .... For the moment can only try to give some advices:

a) Server limitations, e.g. maximum uploads limits etc. etc.

b) Use foll. but only temporary:


c) For Uploads (per default):


Kind regards

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