Switch (Swap) Image Settings explanation

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Switch (Swap) Image Settings explanation

Post by Kordian » 10 Jul 2020, 08:43

Can somebody please explain what Switch (Swap) Image Settings option does?
Is it to display landscape/portrait pictures with correct width/heigth?
Let us assume I have one 1200/800 ladscape picture and on 800/1200 portrait picture. Can I use this option to make the portrait picture fit to the window?

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Re: Switch (Swap) Image Settings explanation

Post by Jan » 11 Jul 2020, 13:03

Hi, here you can see a demo of switch/swap function.
It just switches the current image to image thumbnail which is hovered:


If you want to somehow fit images and have the same sizes of them, the best method for this is to crop them. Or to make categories with landscapte and portrait separately :idea:

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