Youtube videos API keys

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Youtube videos API keys

Post by giupi1966 » 02 Jun 2020, 17:08


I'm trying to set up youtube video display.

I referred to this tutorial ... ube-videos but the google video tutorial to obtain the API key is obsolete.

I tried to follow the instructions anyway, but it's totally crazy: the new development console is totally different from the video tutorial. As any google stuff the administrative console is a mess...

Anyone can give me the updated instructions?

Yet I managed to get the API some years ago when the console was different, but now I'm completely lost...

Thanks in advance for any help hoping this could help other users :-)


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Re: Youtube videos API keys

Post by Jan » 04 Jun 2020, 00:44

Hi, thank you for this info, I still use the old API key, so I have no information about new methods. I will try to take a look at this, but for now unfortunately I have no clue advice :-(

Yes, unfortunately, all things become more complicated and sometimes it's really not easy to use them anymore :-(

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