eMail form after clicking a picture

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eMail form after clicking a picture

Post by umsid » 12 Jul 2018, 18:16


I am new here and have the following question:

I want to create a "normal" gallery - for exaples with photos from a photograph.
And I want to sell this photos.

I want to have an overview (thumbnails) and if anybody click to a photo, it shell be shown as big picture.
But now I want to have the buttons (next, prev, close - they are normal - and one more button, where the user can open a email form by clicking).
In this eMail form I want to have the name of the picture for example to recognize, which pic was used while clickíng the email button.
In this form the user is able to ask for price and sice of the picture - or also for example the article, shown on this pic.

Is this possible with Phoca Gallery - the "send email function"?

Thanks for a short reply.

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Re: eMail form after clicking a picture

Post by Jan » 13 Jul 2018, 14:07

Hi, there is no such button in Phoca Gallery, so this needs to be customized. The email feature can be abused to spamming, so maybe it is better to use standard cart function for this purpose :idea:

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