4.0.0 Alpha3 - Thumbs sometimes not displaying

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4.0.0 Alpha3 - Thumbs sometimes not displaying

Post by sbehnsen » 22 Feb 2013, 14:56

I have a small issue with 4.0.0 Alpha3, where I am not sure if this is problem with the Alpha, or a general issues...

I have changed the thumb size to be 200x200 (for medium size).
I have checked all filenames to be "correct" (no spaces etc...), all files are jpg.
I have deleted all images, thumbs and thumbs.db an started from scratch

But what I still get is that some of the thumbs are not showing, and when I reload the page it changed which one(s) are not showing.
All thumbs are created and exisit (since the are sometimes displayed this is obvious :-)
The detail images are always working, it is only the thumbs that are sometimes not showing (the no_image icons is showing instead)...

Is there is an issue with the alpha, or am I missing something?

Here is the produced HTML code, where you can see that the no-image icon is there insted auf the link to the thumb...

<div class="pg-cv-box item">
<div class="pg-cv-box-img pg-box1">
<div class="pg-box2">
<div class="pg-box3">
<a class="highslide" title="" href="/images/phocagallery/buntstift/thumbs/phoca_thumb_l_Celan_Nah_sind_wir.jpg" onclick="return hs.expand(this, { slideshowGroup: 'groupC0', wrapperClassName: 'rounded-white', outlineType : 'rounded-white', dimmingOpacity: 0, align : 'center', transitions : ['expand', 'crossfade'], fadeInOut: true });" ><img src="/media/com_phocagallery/images/phoca_thumb_s_no_image.png" alt="Celan_Nah_sind_wir" class="pg-image" /></a><div class="highslide-heading">Celan_Nah_sind_wir</div><div class="highslide-caption"></div>
<div class="pg-cv-name">Celan_Nah_sind_wir</div><div class="pg-icon-detail"> <a class="highslide" title="Detail" href="/index.php/galerie/1-buntsitft/detail/74-celan-nah-sind-wir?tmpl=component" onclick="return hs.htmlExpand(this, phocaZoom )" ><img src="/media/com_phocagallery/images/icon-view.png" alt="Detail" /></a></div>
<div class="clearfix"></div>

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Re: 4.0.0 Alpha3 - Thumbs sometimes not displaying

Post by Jan » 24 Feb 2013, 21:24

Hi, the no image is displayed in case, there is no thumbnails for the image (no rights to write thumbnails, the file does not exists, problems with GD), etc.

Do you use cache? If yes, do you get problems when you disable cache?
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