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Phoca Guestbook Component

Phoca Guestbook file is stored on server (the download link is an external link to this server, if the file will be not downloaded, please try to visit this link )

Alpha and Beta versions are development versions and should not be used on production sites.

Phoca Guestbook (Joomla! 3)

Phoca Guestbook FTP Installation File:

Download this file if you need to install Phoca Guestbook via FTP, see Installation Problem Solving article to get more information.

Phoca Guestbook FTP Installation File

Phoca Guestbook Languages:

Bulgarian (Български)
Chinese J17 (Simplified Chinese)
Chinese (Simplified Chinese)
Chinese J17 (Traditional Chinese)
Chinese (Traditional Chinese)
Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia)
Polish (Język Polski) J17
Russian (русский язык)
Russian (Русский язык)
Serbian (српски, srpski)
Slovak (Slovenčina) J17
Ukrainian (українська мова)
Ukrainian (українська мова)

Phoca Guestbook - Joomfish files:

Phoca Guestbook - Special files:

Documentation for converting Easy Guest Book to Phoca Guestbook by Jan Broos
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Phoca Guestbook (Joomla! 3)
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