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Using Phoca Documentation Navigation Plugin

Category: Phoca Documentation Navigation Plugin


Enable the plugin in Plugin Manager. The navigation will be displayed in articles if you add the following code into the article:

altphocadocumentation view=navigation|type=mpcn|top=some-idalt


  • view - navigation - displays the navigation
  • type - m | p | c | t | n:
    • m - main, the navigation text will be displayed
    • p - previous, previous icon will be displayed
    • c - content, table of contents will be displayed
    • t - top, top icon will be displayed
    • n - next, next icon will be displayed
  • top - top - if the top icon will be enabled (parameter type=t), top icon will be linked to previous declared navigation with m parameter (type=m) automatically (to id object in the site) but if you define the top parameter, this parameter (id object in the site) will be used instead of standard top parameter. E.g.:

You will paste this code into your article:

In the top of the article:  phocadocumentation view=navigation|type=mpcn . Navigation with Next, Previous and Table of Contents icons will be displayed. In the bottom of the article:  phocadocumentation view=navigation|type=t|top=some-id . Navigation with Top icon will be displayed. This will be linked to some-id object.


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