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This article describes Options of Phoca Email (since Joomla! 3, Phoca Email 3)
Phoca Email is running on different Joomla! versions. So it is possible that you will not find all listed parameters in your Phoca Email - depends on used Joomla! system.

Options (formerly known as Parameters)

Go to Components - Phoca Email - Control Panel - click on icon Options (you can find this icon in top left corner of your Joomla! administration)

Options (Parameters) can be managed only by Super Users (Super Administrators) or you need to have rights to manage them in Joomla! Administration.


HTML Message (No | Yes) Set if message should be formated as HTML (if used) or as raw text
Display Users List (To) (No | Yes) Display Users List for form field To
Display Groups List (To) (No | Yes) Display Groups List for form field To
Display Users List (Cc) (No | Yes) Display Users List for form field Cc
Display Users List (Bcc) (No | Yes) Display Users List for form field Bcc
Display Select Article Field (No | Yes) Set if Select Article form field should be displayed or not. If yes, selected article text can be sent through the email


Subscription Attempts Count Set count of possible subscription attempts user can do. All subscription attempts are counted except when user is already active. For example:
1) User can unsubscribe and subscribe again. Such action will be credited to the limit.
2) The same when user will subscribe many times but will never activate the account.
3) In case, user is active in newsletter, every other subscription or activation will be ignored - attempts in this case are ignored.
Site Name Set site name. If not set then the site name from Joomla! Global Configuration will be used
Subscription Name Set subscription name
From Name Set From Name. If not set then the Site Name will be used
Email From Set Email From (email address). If not set then email from Joomla! Global Configuration will be used
Activation Email Set text of activation email
Send Unsubscribe Confirmation Email (No | Yes) Set if unsubscribe confirmation should be sent or not
Unsubscribe Confirmation Email Set unsubscribe confirmation email. Email which is sent when user unsubscribe from newsletter


Default permissions used for all content in this component.

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