Phoca Font System Plugin

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Download Phoca Font System plugin from the Phoca Font download site. You get a ZIP file. Login into your Joomla! administration site and follow these steps:

Extensions - Manage - Install. Now you are in Extensions Manager. You can:

  • Upload Package File - select the Phoca Font System plugin ZIP file from your disc and click on Upload & Install.
  • Install from Folder - you can upload Phoca Font System plugin ZIP file into your server directory and install it from this directory
  • Install from URL - you can install it from another URL.

Extensions - Plugin Manager - Phoca PDF plugin - Enable Plugin.

 Using Phoca Font System plugin

If you have uploaded font file into your Phoca Font component and set this font as default, you should enable Phoca Font system plugin in Plugin Manager. After enabling this plugin, the installed font will be used in frontend of your Joomla! site. Users who are using browser which supports @font-face rule, will see your installed font instead some system font selected by their operating system.



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