Displaying Phoca Maps Plugin

Category: Phoca Maps Plugin
Add the following code into the article:

Displaying map

altphocamaps view=map|id=1alt


Displaying link to map

altphocamaps view=link|id=1|text=Link to Mapalt


You can use following attributes:

  • view - map|link
  • text - text (title) which will be displayed in the content article as a link
  • id - id of map (map saved in Phoca Maps component)
  • kmlfile - (0 - disable | 1 - enable) set if loading a KML file will be allowed or not. If yes, KML file which will be set in Map configuration can be loaded on the site.
  • printroute -  (0 - disable | 1 - enable) set if Print Route link will be displayed after rendering route on the site.

See Phoca Maps - Plugin demo


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