Category: Phoca Gallery Tree Module

1. When I click on my Phoca Gallery Tree Module no Pagination is displayed

Pagination is taken from the settings of the Phoca Gallery Component. These settings only exist when a menu link is created to the Phoca Gallery Component in the Menu Manager (e.g. link to Phoca Gallery Categories View). If this link exists, the Phoca Gallery Tree Module automatically finds the settings of this link and it will show the pagination.

If you don't want to display the link to Phoca Gallery Compoment but only display Phoca Gallery Tree Module, you can create a menu link to Phoca Gallery Component in some Menu Module which is unpublished. You need to do the following:

  • Create a new Menu Module (in Extensions » Modules and then copy the Main Menu e.g.)
  • Set this Menu Module to unpublished
  • In Menu » Your Created Menu create a menu item with the type Phoca Gallery Category list layout
  • Set this item to public and to published

It means, that Phoca Gallery Component menu link exists and Phoca Gallery Tree Module can find it but the Menu which contains the Phoca Gallery Component menu link is unpublished, so the menu link is not displayed. Outcome:

  • Phoca Gallery Tree Module will display pagination
  • Menu link to Phoca Gallery Component will be not displayed (because the link is contained in a Menu which is unpublished).
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