Displaying images in article with help of Phoca Photo plugin

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Download Phoca Photo Content plugin from the Phoca Photo download site. You get a ZIP file. Login into your Joomla! administration site and follow these steps:

Extensions - Manage - Install. Now you are in Extensions Manager. You can:

  • Upload Package File - select the Phoca Photo Content plugin ZIP file from your disc and click on Upload & Install.
  • Install from Folder - you can upload Phoca Photo Content plugin ZIP file into your server directory and install it from this directory
  • Install from URL - you can install it from another URL.

 Extensions » Plugin Manager » Phoca Photo Content plugin » Enable Plugin.

Using Phoca Photo Content plugin

Paste the plugin code into your article and set category from where the images will be loaded. (It is a category of Phoca Gallery. Phoca Gallery is used for managing images in your administration for Phoca Photo and Phoca Gallery itself)


phocaphoto view=category|id=4

  • view = There is only one parameter: category
  • id = ID of Phoca Gallery category
  • max = Select maximum count of displayed images
When you copy the code from this website, please don't copy the { and }, because these are images. When you add the code to your own article you have to type the { and } yourself. (If it would be typed here, you wouldn't see the code, but the images). Don't use line breaks for the code. The code should be added without any line breaks into the editor.



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