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Using Phoca Open Graph System Plugin

Category: Phoca Open Graph System Plugin

Phoca Open Graph plugins (Phoca Open Graph Content plugin and Phoca Open Graph System plugin) allow adding of Open Graph information into site. Such information stored in meta tags can be then automatically displayed e.g. on Facebook page while some visitor of the site commented content.

Example: User will comment article on your site where Open Graph information are stored. After commenting an article, all Open Graph information will be displayed on Facebook page: name of article, name of site, category, image of an article, description, etc. See screenshot:


Phoca Open Graph Plugin


The difference between Phoca Open Graph Content plugin and Phoca Open Graph System plugin is:

  • Content plugin displays the meta tags on article sites (on sites which are rendered by com_content component)
  • System plugin displays them on all sites except the article sites. System plugin is supplement to content plugin.



Main Options

Parameter Value
Render Type (Name | Property) Set if meta tag will be displayed with Name attribute or Property attribute


To display Open Graph information on the site, HTML tag attributes need to be changed. They can be changed manually in the code, XMLNS attributes will be added into HTML tag:

  • xmlns:og=""
  • xmlns:fb=""

or Phoca Site Plugin can be used. With help of this plugin, such attributes can be added to HTML tag easily in Joomla! administration.


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