Displaying Slideshow Module In Template

Category: Phoca Gallery Slideshow bxSlider Module

Many templates are displaying slideshow in the top of the site. Such slideshow is displayed with help of module. So if you have installed your new template and you want to display a slideshow within it, follow these steps:


1 Download and install Phoca Gallery component (the slideshow is displayed by module but you need to manage the images somehow, so the component is designed to manage the images - upload, publish, resize, etc.)


2 Download and install slideshow module - e.g. Phoca Gallery Slideshow bxSlider Module


3 Go to Options of Phoca Gallery component and set size for large thumbnails, e.g. 970 (width in px) x 230 (height in px), and click on Save


4 Create category in Phoca Gallery component - specific category for the slideshow. Upload and add images (see Phoca Gallery user guide) to this category - thumbnails will be automatically created (such thumbnails - large thumbnails - will be used in the slideshow)


5 Go to settings of the slideshow module (e.g. Phoca Gallery Slideshow bxSlider module: Extensions - Module Manager - click on selected module) and set the Phoca Gallery category ID from where the images will be taken to be displayed in the slideshow area. You need to set other parameters in module too:

  • Show Title: Hide
  • Position: position-16 (but depends on used template, e.g. Linelab.org templates are using position-12)
  • Status: Published
  • Module Assigment: On All Pages or select specific pages


Don't forget to enable displaying slideshow in the template parameters (if such parameter exists in template).
If you are using Phoca Gallery as standard gallery on your site, don't forget to set back the size parameters of large thumbnails.



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