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User Upload Issues

User Upload Issues

Postby ChrisK on 01 May 2013, 20:19

Hi I just installed the plugin and noticed some issues with the user upload consider to change them please.
I am using Joomla 3.1.1 and Phoca Download 3.0.0 Beta.

I noticed that when you enable User Upload, that the user has to be in the group registered or has to be admin. The users on my site were in a seperate group which were not parent of registered (sorry the other way around registered was not parent for those groups). So each time I tried to get on the upload page the website displayed "You are not authorized to do this action".
The second thing I come across was that there was no option to restrict upload to specific groups you can either choose all registerd user or have to click all users manual.

Would be great if this things mentioned could be changed :)
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Re: User Upload Issues

Postby Jan on 04 May 2013, 22:31

Hi, this: "You are not authorized to do this action" you get in case, you are not logged in in frontend. Upload rights can be set for useres directly not for the groups.

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