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Postby joseya on 01 Feb 2013, 18:40

I love phoca gallery, and would have to say it is the best gallery component for joomla!

I have seen this post in a couple different places in the forum, but at both places, the issue has not been resolved. I understand that you can set 0 for the time delay on the slideshow, but the problem with this is that you can't have a slideshow after you do that. After you set to 0, the play and pause buttons are removed from the navigation area.

What I want, and what the others have asked, is simply to change the autoplayMovies from on to off. So, when you click on a thumbnail, and it opens to the large picture, it won't automatically play (rather it will automatically pause), but you will still have the play button at the navigation area, and can then start the slideshow if desired.

I have found through the shadowbox information, that there is this options available. In the showdowbox.js file there is an autoplayMovies parameter that is set to true. They say if you set to false, the autoplay will not happen. I did change this setting, but have come up with no change. I am a novice in this arena, so additional help is requested and very much appreciated.

I love the showdowbox add to phoca, but I would love the default of the slideshow to be paused, but the user would still have the option to play the slideshow at their request from the navigation area.
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Re: Shadowbox-autoplayMovies

Postby Jan on 07 Feb 2013, 22:55

Hi, then just let me know the code for javascript, I will implement it for new version.

Thank you, Jan

Added to feature request list.
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